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Top wordings in top positions – TF*IDF

Good content is every website’s meat and potatoes. Investing in high quality content, you will score both at search engines and your users. With the help of our intelligent term weighting algorithm TF*IDF, you can determine those key figures used as calculation base by the texts of your competitors in the top 15 search results. Taking account of the latest key figures, you will be able to compose even better texts!

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Clever: Perform a keyword analysis

If the user is able to choose between sites in a competitive environment, he will usually go for the site providing the best content. With TF*IDF, you can analyze the thematically relevant environment for your desired keyword. Moreover, the feature will determine suitable terms relating to your keyword. You will thus get a useful and highly relevant set of terms that you can implement into your texts.

International: Benefit from language diversity

The TF*IDF keyword analysis can be performed for various countries. Working in an international environment, you can conduct term analyses in different languages and thus gain a competitive advantage. The innovative TF*IDF feature is not yet being used in all countries – take your chance and be one step ahead!

<span>In-depth:</span> View your detailed analysis

In-depth: View your detailed analysis

Based on the TF*IDF analysis, you are able to compare the term weighting of a certain keyword with the term weighting of a certain text of an existing URL. By filtering negligible stop words (Proof-Keyword filter), useless terms are excluded from the analysis. The detailed analysis also allows you to search for 2 word pairs and thus provides you with useful input for a substantial and sustainable text optimization.

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