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From time to time, you can get away from it all – though not your website. Monitoring

Page load times are not only crucial for your visitors, but also for search engines. Slow or inaccessible sites can affect your rankings negatively. Monitor your website’s accessibility and be told immediately when something’s wrong.

Mit dem Monitoring kannst du die Erreichbarkeit Deiner Seite checken und sofort herausfinden ob etwas schief läuft.

Powerful: Monitor your server performance

We keep a close eye on your server – day and night. With our Server Monitoring, you can tell at a glance whether your visitors can access your website whenever they want or if the performance shows significant utilization peaks of more than 4 seconds. You can choose a particular time period or take a look at the whole period.

Accessible: Detect errors in your robots.txt

The robots.txt Monitoring checks your robots.txt every hour. Once we detect downtimes, we’ll immediately let you know via e-mail. Additionally, we also keep track of any changes to your robots.txt and list them for you, including potential error sources.

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