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Sustainable optimization and keen observation skills of your current rankings are key for making it to the top. Monitor your individual keyword set and perform regular keyword and ranking potential analyses. How? With Keywords!

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<span>Ingenious:</span> Monitor your keywords

Ingenious: Monitor your keywords

Always keep an eye on your keyword positions in the search engines – as a slight loss in your rankings can already result in a tremendous decline in traffic or sales. With Keywords, you always keep track of the rankings of your individually defined keyword set.

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In perspective: Keep track of your rankings

Deduce your website’s visibility based on an overview of your keyword positions in the top 100 of the search results. Only got a few Top 10s? There’s still potential then! The Keyword reportings will show you, where.

<span>Variable:</span> Monitor changes based on the previous week

Variable: Monitor changes based on the previous week

Search engines update their search engine result pages at all times. Keywords records all changes based on the previous week – like that, you can easily deduct the winners and losers from your keyword set and act accordingly.

Competitive: Keep an eye on rival rankings

Compare your rankings to those of your competitors. With Keywords, you always keep track of changes and are able to respond immediately in order to remain competitive.

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