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Real Google data for advanced ranking analyses – Impact

Up until now, marketers had hardly any chance to collect reliable data for their website’s most important keywords. By linking your website to our tool Impact, you can now directly access Google Search Console data.

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Up to date: Welcome to your data paradise!

Detect your most important ranking KPIs at a glance and find out, how often your website was

  • looked at (impressions)
  • actually clicked (clicks)
within the Google search results and keep track of your CTR (impressions to clicks ratio).

<span>Complete:</span> Various analyses for sustainable ranking success

Complete: Various analyses for sustainable ranking success Impact is anything but a simple copy of the Google Search Console. In fact, it provides you with a variety of hugely useful means for your analysis – in a daily updated and neatly arranged way.

  • Collect your website’s historical ranking data
  • Find out which devices are used in order to access your website
  • Compare your website’s performance in Google (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Learn about the daily winners and losers among your keywords
  • Monitor ranking changes over the course of time
  • Apply different filters such as Keyword, URL, Average Position, Impressions, Clicks, Device, Country or certain periods of time

“Not provided” turns into “all provided”

With the help of Impact, you can determine all search terms your website is ranking and compare brand-based and non-brand-based search requests. Ranking analysis has been given a new name: Impact.

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