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Detect areas needing improvement at a glance – Focus Focus checks a single page for its most important quality factors and determines the key optimization potential. As your personal digital assistant, Focus gathers all error sources in checklists sorted by urgency. You can analyze any desired URL – regardless of whether it is yours or belongs to your competitors. From redirections to favicons – with Focus, you can inspect any URL right down to the last detail.

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Technical: Check your SEO statistics

Based on a substantial checklist with the most crucial OnPage elements, you can tell at once whether a certain subpage directly refers to another page or whether it is blocked completely for search engines. Your SEO statistics are therefore always worth the visit!

<span>On the go:</span> Examine mobile elements

On the go: Examine mobile elements

Watch out for your personal Mobilegeddon! Focus shows you which elements regarding mobile usage and usability are still missing on your website and where there is still need for optimization.

<span>Easy:</span> Link your apps

Easy: Link your apps

As the share of mobile usage is continually growing, you will benefit from developing your own apps in order to offer your users the ideal mobile user experience. With Focus, you can analyze your apps and find out whether they are properly linked with the website.

Caring: Measure Social Outreach

A website with good content will more likely be shared in social networks. Focus provides you with statistics of social signals compiled by URLs, based on all common channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Take a look at your URL preview in Open Graph. That way you can make sure the URL is displayed properly in all social media.

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