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Sustainable success in the web is only possible with a well functioning and neatly optimized website. Technical SEO is therefore vital for your website. ZOOM combs through your site just like a search engine would do and lists all relevant factors in neatly arranged reports. Once you have detected your individual potential and start optimizing your website, search engines will reward you with good rankings.

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Well-known: Ensure your website’s indexability

Does the search engine know all your important sites? This is the precondition for a good position in the search results. You should therefore make sure your entire website is indexable. ZOOM provides you with all relevant reports and advises you on your ideal technical indexation management.

ZOOM analyzes the following factors extensively:

  • Status Codes
  • Redirects
  • Robots.txt
  • Pagination
  • Canonical Tags
  • Robots Attributes
<span>Relevant:</span> Optimize your content

Relevant: Optimize your content

A successful website is characterized by unique content of high quality. However, it should be worked up technically in a way visitors as well as search engines are able to interpret it correctly. Get the most out of your content with ZOOM!

ZOOM focuses on the following factors:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Language
  • Headlines
  • Word Statistics
  • Duplicate Content
  • Snippet Tracking
<span>Remarkable:</span> Monitor your assets

Remarkable: Monitor your assets

Your website’s static components, the so-called assets (such as PDF documents or images), are important signals of good and relevant content for search engines. ZOOM provides you with an extensive overview of your website’s digital assets and its features.

The reports help with the optimization of your:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
<span>Neat:</span> Understand your URL structure

Neat: Understand your URL structure

Every website is unique and structured in a certain way. Based on best practices in the optimization area, ZOOM helps you to better structure your website and to detect discrepancies – for maximal efficiency.

Max out your efficiency with the following reports:

  • URL length
  • GET parameter
  • File name
  • Folder
<span>International:</span> Organize your translations

International: Organize your translations

If you are operating in international surroundings, you should always keep an eye on the translations of your website. With ZOOM, you’ll never lose track of the languages used on the website as well as the different constellations of the translated pages. Like that, the search engine will know which content is meant for which country. ZOOM provides you with the following translation reports:

  • Languages
  • Status Codes of translated pages
  • Number of translations

Well-structured: Make use of sitemaps.xml

Improve the interaction with search engines by telling them about the structure of your website. With the help of sitemaps.xml reports, you can monitor the prioritizations and update frequency of your website’s table of contents and ensure proper crawling by search engines.

The following sitemap factors are examined:

  • Status Codes
  • Content Header Status
  • Sitemap usage
  • Prioritizations
  • Update frequency
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Fast: Increase your performance

If you want to attract customers with your website, it needs to be available within seconds – Response Time and Page Speed are essential ranking factors for search engines.Fast websites do not only have a positive impact on users, but also send positive ranking signals to search engines. With ZOOM, you can track down all your slow sites and speed them up. ZOOM provides the following performance reports:

  • Response Times
  • Compression
  • File size
  • Cookies
<span>Powerful:</span> Improve your link structure

Powerful: Improve your link structure

Infuse all subpages of your website with sufficient power. ZOOM shows you how to optimally distribute your linking power and how to achieve even better rankings with your most important subpages. With that, you can also detect pages with no internal links at all or pages that go well together thematically but are not linked yet.

Check the following linking factors with Zoom:

  • Linkjuice distribution (OPR)
  • Click Path Length
  • Orphaned pages
  • Target Header Status
  • Hierarchy Links
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