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Can I use the software for free?

With an FREE account, you can analyze your website for free. FREE is ideally suited for smaller websites up to 100 URLs. With our innovative tools you can analyze your website just like a real pro. Learn more here:

Do I have to pay for support?

Of course not! We are always there for you and would never charge you for support.

What’s the contract duration of an account?

There’s no contract commitment at If you pay one month in advance, the whole power of the software will be at your disposal. The account will be extended automatically and can be cancelled within a 14 days’ notice to the respective pay day. If you want to, you can also conclude a long-term contract – feel free to contact our Business Development team via on that.

How can I cancel my account or a single project?

Canceling is easy: simply let us know via email to

Regarding your account:

Can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account at any time in your account settings. If you have any questions, our Business Development team is always happy to help.

upgrade account options

I have a Pro account. Can I pay by invoice?

You can pay by invoice at Please contact our Business Development team via for your individual settlement.

Will you send me my invoice via mail or email? Where can I find them?

As soon as you have provided us with your email address, we will send you your invoice via mail. If you prefer to receive it via mail, simply let us know via, as it has to be explicitly requested with every invoice.

Regarding Crawling:

Can I start a new crawl right away if necessary?

You can start a new crawl in your account at any time. Just hit the Re-Crawl button in your account!

crawling options

The crawl wasn’t successful. What now?

Please give us a call or mail us via We will take care of it immeadiately and restart your crawler. This won’t affect your crawl budget

How can I exclude robots.txt from the crawl?

At, you can modify your crawler settings. These include also the robots.txt settings. In “Crawler Settings”, you can decide whether or not you would like to include the robots.txt file in the crawl. Pleas note that robots.txt settings can’t be modified in the FREE acount.

crawling options

How many pages can be crawled? Can I crawl larger websites with the software?

The number of crawled URLs depends on your booked package. With a Pro account, up to 50.000 subpages can be crawled. With a Business package, up to 1.000.000 pages can be crawled. With our customizable pricing model, you can easily increase your crawling capacities. Learn more about it here: or contact our Business Development team at

How many crawls are included every month?

The number of crawls per month is unlimited. You can re-crawl your website whenever and as often as you like.

Regarding features:

Which languages are included in the TF*IDF tool?

Currently, you can there are 8 languages included in our TF*IDF: German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and Dutch. Even more languages are in the making. However, you can always go global with your TF*IDF requests for top terms in Google.

Can I download the reports?

You can download any report as CSV or Excel file.


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