Graphics & logos

About the basic principles of our brand. Logo

The logo hast a bright red dot. On colorful backgrounds and with transparency (e.g., watermarks) we use the only-white logo.

Spelling -

OnPage is one word. Please use the O und the P in capitals.

    don't even think about it!
    yeah, much better!


Our corporate font is "Open Sans". We are using font "Bangers" in combination with the Captain OnPage and with other illustrations.

Open Sans light, 300

Roboto Condensed, 400

Open Sans Regular, 400

Google Fonts

CI colors

  • #245273
  • #256a99
  • #9dd62c
  • #be4d27

Photoshop PaletteIllustrator Palette
download Captain OnPagepngpngpng

Captain OnPage

Captain OnPage is our main mascot. He’s strong and mighty and helps you optimizing your website. Please don’t change him in any way and don’t give him another colors. He like his superhero suit like this.

download Professor Serpinopngpngpng

Professor Serpino

Professor SERPino is very smart and wise. He can explain complicated things very easily. He always develops on complex algorithsm for our software. Please use Professor SERPino only on spot, where something should be explained. Otherwise he gets pretty crazy.

download Little Serverpngpngpng

Little Server

Little Server is professors little helper. He is always there for you and he is the right hand of Professor SERPino. Together they experience incredible adventures and have a lot of fun. Little Server warns you, when something strange happens in our tool. Please do not change his appearance, or else he might be down.

Do-It-Yourself Little Server


Do you need some screenshots for your article about us? No problem, there you are:


Press Contact

If you have any questions do not hesistate to contact our press person Irina Hey. She is happy to provide the information you need quickly and directly.