The ultimate eBook for In-House SEOs

Helpful tips for your company’s everyday business.

Which role plays an In-House SEO in a company and which personal and professional skills define a good In-House SEO? Get all the answers in our ultimate eBook.

  • Daily Use: Why do companies need In-House SEOs?
  • Personal Skills: What kind of skills should an In-House SEO provide?
  • Daily Tasks: The daily business of an In-House SEO.
  • Daily Success: Performance measurement with KPIs and reportings.
E-Book The ultimate eBook for In-House SEOs

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  • Irina Hey is product owner acquisition at With many years of experience as a passionate online marketing expert, she has published various articles about website optimization in relevant books and journals.
  • Eva Wagner is a part of a marketing team of With a lot of creativity and a sense of current topics she is mainly responsible for the German OnPageMagazin and the German OnPageWiki.